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R.A. Wood Associates is proud to announce seven software packages that will save you time and money by improving your efficiency in today's wireless world. Our programs provide high quality, cost-effective approaches to RF and Microwave system design, development of frequency conversion schemes, data interpretation, and more. Let our programs do the hard work for you so that you may spend your time working on more important tasks.

  • RF Path Analysis Toolkit performs RF signal path analysis (noise figure, gains, signal levels, third order intercept points, ect.) by cascading RF components together in the RF signal path.

  • SpurFinder aids designers in identifying and evaluating mixer spurious products in various frequency conversion schemes.

  • TunerHelper allows designers to analyze specific mixer conversion schemes (including the input and output filters and mixer spurious products).

  • Path Loss Solver calculates the receiver RF signal levels at various distances from a Transmitter (one-way RF path loss).

  • Painless Extraction enables the user to automatically extract and analyze S-parameters from Network Analyzers.

  • Painless Extraction Noise Figure works with Noise Figure Meters to extract, analyze, and plot noise figure and gain data in a fashion similar to Painless Extraction.

  • Painless Extraction Scriptor combines the data extraction and analysis capabilities of Painless Extraction & Painless Extraction Noise Figure with a new Custom Dialog Utility and an External Program Caller in an easy to use interface to automate testing through scripting.

  • RF Spectral Test Executive is a great way to maximize your productivity and efficiency by providing computer automated software for RF component testing.

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